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we wish to establish ourselves as the top company

Verjas Nuevo Milenio has an excellent reputation on the market and many of our clients continuously recommend us.

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Verjas Nuevo Milenio, Inc is a fencing company dedicated on the design and installation of fences and the selling of fencing materials. We have been on the fencing business for more than 30 years giving service to industries, pharmaceuticals, government agencies and individuals on fencing and related construction work.

We started home-based with 5 employees and later on acquire our current location and workshop, expanding it and hiring more personnel as the company grows. As a company we wish to establish ourselves as the top company for industries and government agencies on all fencing and related constructions projects. Until now we have been participating and keeping track of all bids and incoming projects from local and federal govermment agencies. Also we continuously keep in contact with major contracting companies who service the industrial and pharmaceutical sector.

When, how and why the company was formed and its development so far

Verjas Nuevo Milenio

Verjas Nueva Milenio, Inc was founded in 1998. We have been working for more than 30 years in fencing with another company when the owners retired and decided to close their company. After that we decided we wanted to continue on this business and founded Verjas Nuevo Milenio, Inc. We have an excellent reputation on the market and our company grew quickly and many of our old clients continuously recommend us to new customers.

Present Products

or Services

Verjas Nuevo Milenio

  • Cyclone Fence Installation

  • PVC Fence design and installation

  • Iron Fence Installation

  • General Construction

  • Sale of fence related products